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Since I can remember the love for jewelry was there. With an aunt who was (and still is) a collector of ‘contemporary jewelry’ it was inevitable that my love for jewelry grew bigger and bigger.

Fast forward to 2007, I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) as a” Trend watcher”. Still unsure what my direction would be at the time I decided to leave for Milan and take a ‘Product Design’ course at the NABA institute to develop myself further. Back in the Netherlands I started to work as the “Head Designer” for “FIVA JEWELRY” a well known and establish brand at the time. As most creative creatures, after a while I felt the need to create jewelry without any restrictions, so one thing led to another and SCMYK Accessories was born in the Summer of 2012 (pronounce as ‘SMIK’).

SCMYK Accessories aims for women to feel good about their selves and their body. Life is good! Happiness & brightness, that’s what we are! We feel boundless and inspiring.

At SCMYK Accessories we love pieces that can be more than just an object. So we give our products a touch of significance. We attend to every detail and make this add to the general idea of all our jewelry. The colourful build up and the story of each collection, combined with their on-point appearance makes the collections fit in seamlessly with the actual (colour) trends in stores & boutiques, seizing momentum every season.

Maintaining strong, recognisable designs in our “colourful” fancy jewels and only working with the finest quality of semi-precious gemstones, SCMYK finds Swarovski crystals and beautiful charms all over the world. And last but not least, various natural materials such as: leather, wood and sea-shell.

In our Fine jewelry we work with high quality gold plating and real silver. Our Fine jewelry collection is another creative output where we emphasize the more “edgy” side of SCMYK Accessories.

All our jewelry is handmade or hand finished with much love and care by our amazing team. We strive to keep a keen balance between the best quality and pricing: SCMYK accessories aremodest in price, whilst a high end overall appearance is maintained.

With much love,

Mariëlle van Bergen,

Founder & Designer

SCMYK Accessories

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